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Agency report
County soil surveys: guidelines for digitizing

Extent: 14 p., 665K, PDF 3.0
Description: Reviews issues that need to be considered before converting county soil surveys into digital map files and related databases
Date: June 1, 1997
Subject(s): Geographic information systems; Soil science
Publisher: Minnesota Planning (Agency).
Contact: Nancy Rader, 651-201-2489
Related works:
References Digital Soil Mapping in Minnesota (html page)

Provides guidance to Minnesota organizations considering developing digital maps from county soil surveys. The Soils Data Committee of the Governorís Council on Geographic Information, with assistance from Minnesota Planningís Land Management Information Center, reviewed issues that should be considered before converting paper soil survey maps into a geographic information system format. Its report categorizes the status of county soil surveys in Minnesota, describes common GIS soil data formats and identifies methods and resources for converting soil surveys into digital map files and related databases.

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