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Assistive Technology Resources Directory

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Description: Assistive technology is offered throughout Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute; however, specialized services may require a visit to the Golden Valley campus for an assessment. Areas address: Vocational and academic, independent living skills, computer and mobile device accessibility, cognitive adaptations, environmental controls and electronic aids to daily living, mounts and switches, augmentative and alternative communications, telephone access and low vision.

Disabilities Served: Motor (movement) and Cognitive disabilities
Areas served: All of Minnesota
Ages Served: All ages
Assistive Technology Assistance Available:
  • Information Referral
  • AT Demonstration
  • AT Evaluation
  • AT Consultation
  • Training on any device/software/app recommended

Contact Information
Address: 3915 Golden Valley Road (MR 78404), Minneapolis, MN 55422
Telephone: 612-775-2578 (MN Relay 711 or 800-627-3529)
Fax: 612-262-6724

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For listing updates contact:

STAR Program
358 Centennial Office Building
658 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651-201-2640 or toll free 888-234-1267(voice)
MN Relay: 711 or 800-627-3529
Fax: 651-282-6671

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